Hospital Grâce pour Enfants, Port-au-Prince

Hospital Grâce pour Enfants, Port-au-Prince

The Grace Children's Hospital or Hospital Grâce pour Enfants in Port-au-Prince was founded in 1967 by International Child Care (ICC) following a visit by its founders Jim and Virginia Snavley to Haiti. The hospital is considered as one of the leading medical facilities in Haiti which is dedicated to the treatment of children tuberculosis and every year it receives thousands of Haitian children who are suffering from HIV, malnutrition and other diseases.

The Grace Children's Hospital is located in the Delmas neighborhood of Port-au-Prince where the greatest need of such medical services very much exist. About 80% of this hospital building was irreparably damaged in the earthquake of 2010, but the hospital continues to provide essential medical services from temporary facilities with the support from the Association of players in the National Hockey League and World Vision. Recently, former NHL player Georges Laraque and Carolyn Hebert, acting director for World Vision, Canada Quebec, visited Grace Children's Hospital to review the progress on rebuilding work since 2011.

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