Jocelerme Privert and the Haitian Parliament

Jocelerme Privert and the Haitian Parliament

Jocelerme Privert Vs The Haitian Parliament. On 14 February 2016, the Haitian parliament elected Jocelerme Privert as the interim leader, the provisional President to lead the country until the next presidential polls. The Haitian lawmakers chose the country's former Senate chief Jocelerme Privert who would lead a caretaker government as the interim provisional president with missions to ease the tensions of the suspended elections and hold the overdue presidential election on April 24, 2016 and install a new President on May 14, 2016-- all within his 120-day tenure. However, Privert in spite of being an experienced politician and good administrator, could not organize the election as per his given mandate. He has told the press that he would publish a new election calendar by the end of May. He has also mentioned, political stability, proper infrastructure and arrangement of election funds are some of the prerequisites to hold a credible election.

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