Josué Pierre Louis replaces Lucien Francoeur at Primature

Josué Pierre Louis replaces Lucien Francoeur at Primature

Here are some pictures as Josué Pierre Louis replaced Lucien Francoeur as Secretary General of the Primature in Haiti

The former Minister of Justice and the President of the Permanent Electoral Council Josue Pierre Louis who was recently rejected by Belgium as Haiti's ambassador to Brussels and to the Eurpean Union, because of his alleged involvement in a rape to one of his colleagues in November 2012, has been designated by Haiti's Prime Minster Evans Paul as the Primature's Secretary General. The Prime Minister Paul described him as an integral part of the political life in Haiti and he fervently hoped he contributes his talent for the public administration. His appointment as the Secretary General of Primature has caused an uproar among the women's rights organizations in Haiti and abroad, accusing the Haitian President and his Prime Minister of impunity. However, the former Minister of Justice was never held guilty by a court of law, nor the rape charge against him was ever dismissed. No Haitian court has ever bothered to shed light on the myriad of accusations against him.

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