Kanaval Accident in Haiti

Kanaval Accident in Haiti

Here is a picture taken on Mardi Gras, following the Kanaval accident where 18 people got killedKanaval Accident in Haiti

On 17 February, around 8:00 GMT, the Mardi Gras float of the Barikad Crew got electrocuted on Rue Capois while it was passing under a high tension electric cable near the Champ de Mars. Star rapper of the group, known as "Phantom", was reported to be one of the first victims to receive the electric shock. According to a doctor who spoke to radio station, Zenith-FM, he is hopeful about Phantom's recovery. A singer of the band who was performing on the float, used a stick to move the power line to letting the float to pass; the person attempted was instantly electrocuted. A post in the 'You Tube' shows that the electric cable caught the head of a singer from the hip-hop band 'Barikad Crew' while the Mardi Gras float was passing the presidential stand packed with spectators. A three- day State mourning has been declared till Saturday, on the day of the State funeral. This is a common practice in many countries to have someone positioned atop a parade float to move low-hanging power lines. Recently, on the same day, another similar incident has taken three lives in Brazil.

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