Lycée Marie-Jeanne won music competition

Lycée Marie-Jeanne won music competition "Kenbe tèt ou"

A Very proud and beautiful performance of 9 young students of Lycée Marie-Jeanne to win the Palm of the contest of text, songs and music.

"Angel's Voice", a group of 9 young students from the Lycée Marie-Jeanne School in Port-au-Prince has won the Palm award in the music contest under the mobilizing slogan "Kenbe Tèt ou", a contest of text, songs and music around, inspired by the song of BIC Group "Kenbe tèt ou, kwè nan tèt ou, kraze bèt ou". The nine young talents from the Lycée Marie-Jeanne were chosen as the winner among other hundred participant groups. The competition was started in March 2015 with an objective to develop talents in the young minds and instill the values of respect, communication, solidarity and sharing so that they can learn the joy of living together. The selection criteria for the ten jury artists (like BIC, Jean-Jean Roosevelt, Belo, Rénette Désir, and others), were based on the participants' regards to the theme, message content, aesthetics, melody, song interpretation.

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