Mgr Ogé Beauvoir, Haiti Commission Consultative

Mgr Ogé Beauvoir, Haiti Commission Consultative

Here is a picture of Mgr Ogé Beauvoir who participated in the Presidential Commission to find a solution to the election crisis

Haiti commission calling for Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe to resign

A curious change in the recent demands for executive resignation was the Haiti commission's call for the stepping down of Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe. Undoubtedly, most of the cry, while it would include the entire administration of the President, was toward the Head of State, Michel Martelly. Possibly even more surprising is that the commission was set up by the President himself.

The panel of 11 members that consisted of religious leaders and former officials was set up on November 28, 2014 with the aim to find a resolution for the current political situation that has seen the overly-long, hotly-contested delay of the municipal and legislative elections in the country. The panel met for eight days, and at the end of it came up with this solution of the Prime Minister stepping down, so that a consensus government could be formed.

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