Michel Martelly with The Haitian Community in France

Michel Martelly with The Haitian Community in France

Here is a picture of the Haitian President, Michel Martelly, as he was greeting the Haitian Community in France In October, 2014. He also took the opportunity to visit the place where Toussaint Louverture died at Fort de Joux

Haiti's President, Michel Martelly, was greeted with much warmth when he stopped on the final leg of his tour of Europe in the northern suburbs of Aubervilliers, France, where he met with hundreds of members of the Haitian diaspora living near Paris. They thanked the President for his support of the Universal Schooling Program Free and compulsory (PSUGO). The group also heralded the President as being progressive in the initiatives put forward by his administration to bolster the economy and provide the poor with viable means of being economically solvent.

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