Milk Production - laiterie de Côte-de-Fer - Letri Kot Fe

Milk Production - laiterie de Côte-de-Fer - Letri Kot Fe

During his visit in Cote-de-Fer as The Haitian government continues its series of original dialogues with the public, President Michel Martelly and Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe took the time to visit the milk production factory in Cote-de-Fer by the name of Letri Kot Fe.

Michel Martelly was accompanied with Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe and the Minister of Agriculture

Several Government members left the Haitian Capital on Friday to visit the town of Cote-de-Fer. They took the opportunity to visit different communal sections with Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe. This is also an opportunity for the local population to have a one to one conversation with Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe to inform him about their pressing needs

More importantly, according to a government plan, Côtes-de-Fer is expected to become a major tourist destinations in Haiti. Based on a plan developed by the Minister of Tourism of the Government Martelly-Lamothe, Stephanie Villedrouin.

Also President Michel Martelly has a special connection with the town of Cote-de-Fer. His parents are from this beautiful coastal town,

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