Official Map of Little Haiti in Miami

Official Map of Little Haiti in Miami

Little Haiti has been designated an official neigh neighborhood in Miami. This is based on a resolution passed by the Miami Commissioners on May 26, 2016.

Recently, on Thursday, May 26, 2016, the Municipal Commission of Miami-Dade unanimously voted in favor of designating 'Lemon City' as 'Little Haiti' and that ended a 16-year long effort over the idea of an official 'Little Haiti' and exactly, where its boundaries should be drawn. As per recent demarcation by the Miami City Commission, the new boundaries are mentioned here in the following. In the East, it is bounded by NE 4 Avenue and NE 64th Street with NE 2 Avenue and NE 82nd Street. The West side is marked by NW 71 Street and NW 62 Street. In the North, NW 79th Street, NW 6th Avenue, N Miami Avenue, NE 82nd Street and the South boundaries are marked by NW 82 Street and NW 54 Street. Had the recognition not done at the right time, Little Haiti's existence was very much threatened by gentrification. However, the official map could not make everyone happy as it acknowledges a smaller version, a compromise that recognizes the encroachment of the Design District.

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