Painting from Haitian artist Hector Hyppolite

Painting from Haitian artist Hector Hyppolite

Hector Hyppolite was a third generation vodou priest, being born into such a family. That air of mysticism followed through his career, as even his debated five-year residence in Africa between 1915 and 1920 is questioned as being myth. There was also the curious and inspiring fact that, early in his career, because he possessed no brushes, he would create his paintings using cardboard as his canvas and chicken feathers as brushes. Upon his return to Haiti, notice was taken of his considerable talent by Philippe Thoby-Marcelin. From this connection, Hector Hyppolite began working in Port-au-Prince in the studio of a schoolteacher and watercolorist from the U.S., Dewitt Peters.

Upon his death in 1948, at the age of 54, Hector Hyppolite was the creator of anywhere from 250 to 600 paintings, all done in the latter three years of his life, many of which captured the vodou scenes so a part of his family history.

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