Painting of Lea Kokoye - Maurice Sixto

Painting of Lea Kokoye - Maurice Sixto

Here is a painting of the famous character Lea Kokoye.

Alexander Maurice Sixto is the name of greatest Haitian storyteller who alone played many characters that he himself created. The creator with many talents raised his fingers at all the wounds that plagued the lives of Haitian people and fought against the social injustice in Haiti. He was one of the few who first advocated introduction of Haitian Creole in school teaching. He despised child abuse and always spoke against 'restavek' which he thought was another name of child slavery. "Restavek" are the poor countryside children sent to the houses of the wealthy families in the urban area by their parents so that they can live a better life. But in most cases, the rich people used to exploit them and use treat as slaves. Maurice Sixto narrated the pains and miseries of the 'restaveks' through his fictional character named 'Sainte Anise'.

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