Picture of Maurice Sixto and Le Kokoye Painting

Picture of Maurice Sixto and Le Kokoye Painting

The FMAS continues its advocacy work on child domestic work, this time in Petit-Goave.

The FMAS or Maurice Sixto Foundation A was created to raise awareness about 'restavek' in Haiti. The foundation is visiting every corners of Haiti to make people aware of the pains and miseries of the oppressed Haitians. They have sensitized hundreds of people in Port-au-Prince (West) and also visited Southeast Valley of Jacmel. They visited Petit- Goave on 15 August on the occasion of the Employers Party. An official Gerda L Morin, in an introductory message said, if you are here with us at the conference, we would request you to be a part of us in a struggle beneficial to Haiti.

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