Pouchon Duverger, lead singer of djakout Number 1

Pouchon Duverger, lead singer of djakout Number 1

Here is a picture of Pouchon Duverger, the lead singer of the popular musical group djakout Number 1.

Pouchon Duverger is the lead singer and Keyboardist of Djakout # 1 in the Konpa Lobey genre. In last July,15th, while performing on stage at Borgne in the north, Duverger felt discomfort and was immediately transported to the hospital Borgne. A rumor quickly spread all around that he had a stroke; however, after a few hours his condition became stable. In last May, Shabba or Herve Anthenor, the noted Percussionist (congas) of the group accused Roro Laine (drummer) and Pouchon, because they were jealous of his achievement. As per Shabba's allegation, the jealousy was brewing inside them; it only came out with their refusal to his invitation to participate in the launching program of his third solo album. In December 2014, Duverger was summoned by Sonel Jean François, an investigating judge, in connection with investigations against the named Augustin Brunet, Caesar Laforet, Bergeau John Woodly Etheart (aka "Sonson La Familia") and others, charged with kidnapping, detention, armed robbery and illegal firearms possession. Sonson La Familia is a well known gang leader who is also known to the police as the "Baz Galil." However, Pouchon Duverger did not deny his friendship with Sonson. He has said Sonson is a promoter that organizes dances, parties and festivals in Miami which all bands know".

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