President Martelly as Sweet Micky, Pete, Pete, Pete

President Martelly as Sweet Micky, Pete, Pete, Pete

Here is a picture taken during a concert on June 26, 2015 in Champ-de-Mars, Port-au-Prince, Haiti with with Lil Waine and Chris Brown. At one time, President Michel Martelly took to the stage to cheer the crowd. President Martelly invited crowd to fart by saying, Pete, Pete, Pete.

While 300,000 Haitians are being deported from the Dominic Republic as stateless people, this weekend his son Oliver Martelly brought Chris Brown (American recording artist, dancer and actor) and Lil Wayne (an American rapper from New Orleans) to Haiti in private jet and spent over $1,000,000 state fund for his father's Champ de Mars concert. Olivier Martelly has already been accused of misappropriating over $20,000,000 from the State Treasury. The money could be better used in buying rice-and-beans for Haiti's starving kids, or could help the 300,000 Haitians susceptible for deportation from the Dominican Republic. The country is before a disastrous refugee situation - a situation that Martelly says does not exist! President Martelly sang a song titled "I Don't Care" at the Champ de Mars concert to support his 22 year-old dud son Sandro Martelly (Ti- Martelly or little Micky) as he was involved in the show. The concert was free and broadcasted on television channels, but, the performance of the Haitian President in the show was unlikely for a President of any normal country.

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