Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe fixing the Tie of a young Child

Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe fixing the Tie of a young Child

Here is the Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe taking the time to fix the tie of a child.

Through his business connections, he gained entry into the political and social world of Haiti, and in time was appointed Special Advisor to Haiti's President Martelly. Lamothe quit his businesses to avoid any improprieties, resulting from conflicts of interest. In 2011, at former President Bill Clinton's invitation, Lamothe co-chaired with Clinton the Presidential Advisory Council for the Economic Development and Investment in Haiti. Shortly thereafter he accepted an appointment as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship of Haiti.

In 2012, Martelly nominated Lamothe for Prime Minister. He easily won approval from Parliament, 19 to 3 in the Senate and 62 to 3 in the Chamber of Deputies. He was installed on May 4, 2012.

At the recommendation of the Consultative Committee and Martelly's request, Lamothe tendered his resignation to help pave the way for a new government to be formed at the demands of the increasingly powerful opposition.

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