Seven CEP Members swear in

Seven CEP Members swear in

On Friday, May 9, 2014, a ceremony took place at the Court of Cassation located in Route Frères, 7 of 9 CEP representatives were sworn. Two of the current members elected not to participate, Me. Néhémy Joseph and Léopold Berlanger.

Present for the ceremony were: Marie Clunie Dumay Miracles, Pierre Simon Georges, Applys Félix, Marie Carole Innocent Floreal Duclervil, Gloria Margarette Girault Saint-Louis, Jacqueline Patricia Chantale Raymond and Frizto Canton

Now the question is: with less than the full CEP ready to start the process for the next election in Haiti, will the election take place?

Do you think the CEP is not functional and should not be in a position to hold election without all its members?

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