Cap-Haitian wakes-up under water all streets flooding

Cap-Haitian wakes-up under water all streets flooding

Here is a picture of cap-Haitian as it was flooded in November, 2014

Cap-Haitien Hard-Hit by Storm System

Farms suffered extensive damage from the storm. Agriculture officials have been out surveying the damage and its economic impact. So far an estimated damage report has not been submitted, according to the Civil Protection Agency in a statement to the media.

The government of Haiti has mobilized to respond to the crisis by generating its National System of Risk Management and Disaster. Not only in Cap-Haitien but in the entire North Department--which has been the hardest hit--officials have been distributing aid relief: food kits, hot meals, beds, sheets, water purification tablets, and more are going out. In all, four departments out of ten have suffered damage and population displacement

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