Haiti Elected parliamentary picking-Up Certificate at CEP

Haiti Elected parliamentary picking-Up Certificate at CEP

Here are some of the elected Haiti Elected parliamentaries picking-Up their Certificate at the CEP

The results of the first round presidential elections held on October 25, 2015, were published by the CEP on November 5, 2015. As per the CEP's announcement, the first four candidates were: Jovenel Moise, the government backed candidate from Haitian Tèt Kale Party, 511,992 or 32.8% votes, followed by Jude Celestin (LAPEH) 394,390 or 25.2% votes, Jean-Charles (Pitit Dessalines) 222,646 or 14.27% votes, and Dr. (Mrs.) Maryse Narcisse (Fanmi Lavalas) 108,844 or 7.05% votes. However, as per the electoral mandates, since none of the candidates could reach the 50% plus vote benchmark, or a lead over 25% votes as per Haitian Constitution and Electoral Decree, a second run-off was scheduled on December 25, 2015. Although, the Electoral Observation Mission of the Organization of American States (OAS/EOM) expressed its satisfaction, because the published results were consistent with their observation during the election process, neither the losing candidates nor the Haitian population was happy with the published results. Jude Celestin condemned the published result as, a ridiculous farce staged by the government; in no way it reflects the vote of the people. Amid mass violent protests and threats of withdrawal by the presidential candidates from the final run-off, the CEP has kept rescheduling the final runoff dates. And it is still undecided.

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