Charles Vorbe

Charles Vorbe, also known as Ponpon

Charles Vorbe, also known as Ponpon

Charles Vorbe (Ponpon) was born in Port-Au-Prince on October 5, 1954. In 1969, with classmates such as Raphael Alexis, Guy Dugue, Rony Sanon, Ronald Cesar, and Frederic Supplice. He combined sports and education and became a great soccer and table tennis player. While attending Canado, he became one of the best soccer player there.

Charles Vorbe (Ponpon) was 17 years old when he started playing for Violette first division team with Ernst Jn Joseph, Philippe vorbe, Pierre Bayonne, and Guy Francois. His family has a long history of soccer paying with his father who was once Haitian Federation Soccer' president. His older brother was Philippe Vorbe who played for the Haitian National Team.

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