Fresh La , named Director of Cultural Affairs, Delmas

Fresh La , named Director of Cultural Affairs, Delmas

July, 2016 - The superstar of Raboday, Fresh La who is the lead vocal of the musical group Vwadezil has been named Director of Cultural Affairs in the city of Delmas by the new Mayor Wilson Jeudy.

Donald Joseph, alias, Fresh La, the Haitian pop singer and band leader of 'Vwadèzil' is synonymous with the 'voice of the island.' In Haiti he is known as the reigning "King of Raboday." "Rabòday" is the new wave of electronic dance music which has invaded the sound systems of Haiti. It dominates street parties, taxi stands and even the rowdy basketball tournaments. The most carnival songs of 'Vwadèzil' are known as "meringues;" they add a political dimension, lampooning mostly politicians to the three-day carnival celebrations. In his music, Fresh La loves to speak out against political corruption and society's ills. In 2007, when MINUSTAH made Haiti a comfortable venue where MINUSTAH member countries could practice warfare, the group Vwadezil composed the song, "MINUSTAH, you're really just a tourista. You're holding back my country,"..... You're just lounging around so why don't you get ... out." As per recent news dated July 12, 2016, Fresh La has been nominated and installed as the new director of cultural affairs in the commune of Delmas, Port-au-Prince Haiti.

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