Did Obama completey diss Haitian president Rene preval

Did Obama completey diss Haitian president Rene preval

Rene Preval in search of a handshake from Obama

This incident took place on April 17, 2009 during a Summit of the Americas taking place in Trinidad. What was clear from the video footing the Haitian President Rene Preval was among many dignitaries coming from around the world to participate at the summit. The summit was highlighted by the presence of American President Barrack Obama. What we could see from a video footing which we were able to transform into still picture was that while President Barrack Obama was moving in an orderly way, shaking hands with different head of stated present in the room, we suddenly say the apparition of our own president Rene Preval where it appears that he did not have any respect for protocol, decided to grab Obama's hands in a gesture to get him in his corner. Obama who obviously appeared to be surprised of the gesture, disregarded the action by Preval and continued to greet the head of states.

Many people have been asking since, did Obama completey diss Haitian president Rene preval? or was it just an oversight?

However the reactions by various Haitians were very very strong against their leader. Some called humiliating,

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