Minustah escorting Dominican trucks entering Haiti

Minustah escorting Dominican trucks entering Haiti

As per news report dated March 9th, Blas Peralta, the President of Fenatrado (National Federation of Dominican Transportation) has said that MINUSTAH and National Police of Haiti have jointly established a safe corridor through which the Dominican trucks carrying merchandise from the Dominican Republic to Haiti can carry goods so henceforth under the protection of these two forces. Presently, the insufficient number of MINUSTAH member has forced to limit the stretch of the protective cover. Any driver deviating from the safe corridor will run on own risk. The corridor spans from Jimaní to the Haitian town of Kwadèbouke and from there to the area near the international airport in Port-au-Prince. However, Peralta has insisted for a full safety cover for the Dominican trucks until it completes its journey in Haiti.

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