Zanmi Lasante, Hospital in Cange

Zanmi Lasante, Hospital in Cange

In 1987, an American Paul Farmer, most famous for his book 'Mountains Beyond Mountains' about the creation of his Boston-based nonprofit organization 'Zanmi Lasanti' (Haitian Creole for Partners in Health) founded this set up with his friends Thomas J. White, and Todd McCormack to improve the overall condition of health care and services in Haiti. On his first visit to Haiti in 1983, he was very much disappointed with the conditions of Haitian hospitals and dissatisfied with the implementation processes of different foreign aid sponsored health programs. He was attracted to 'Cange' in Haiti because it had redefined the meaning of poverty to him. In 1998, 'Partners in Health' became well-known for their social support network and for works to fulfill the objectives on medical and moral intention concentrating more on solidarity rather than charity alone. It had the credit to launch world's first free, comprehensive HIV care and treatment program.

Departement Centre, Centre, Cange, Hinche, Mirebalais:
Hospital Sainte-Thérèse de Hinche
Hospital Universitaire de Mirebalais, Mirebalais

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