Déjean Victor, owner of Pavillon Marquette in Montreal, Arrested

Déjean Victor, owner of Pavillon Marquette in Montreal, Arrested

Here is a picture of Mr. Déjean Victor, owner of Pavillon Marquette in Montreal.

Victor Déjean, 58, a Canadian businessman of Haitian origin and one of his accomplices a Montreal resident Merlande Dont were arrested by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) of Toronto and officers from the Police Service of the City of Montreal on a charge for smuggling drugs from Haiti to Canada. They were also accused of recruiting and using Canadian smugglers (carrier or mule). Their arrest was followed by an investigation conducted by the Division of Federal and Airport Surveys (SEFA) with the assistance of National Police of Haiti (PNH) which led to the arrest of several other suspects of Victor's gang. They were carrying a consignment of 4 kg of cocaine when arrested. Victor Déjean is a rich well known person in Montreal. He is the owner of Pavillon Marquette, a Medical Clinic, and Cristina complex, which includes a banquet hall and a theater. On an earlier occasion (30 December, 2009) Victor Déjean was arrested and imprisoned with his brother 'Abel' from Port-au Prince Airport while waiting for a Canadian flight with a load of 2.35 kg cocaine. But he escaped when the prison of Port-au Prince collapsed in the 2010 earthquake; he boarded an aircraft responsible to repatriate Canadian nationals.

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