Haitian Embassy in Brasilia, Brazil

Haitian Embassy in Brasilia, Brazil

Brazil has maintained a very close relationship with Haiti. Brazil has been working in Haiti since June 2004. The country can be considered to have given the largest peace-keeping support and humanitarian aid to Haiti especially after the 2010 tragic earthquake. Between 2004 and 2010 Brazil had 1300 troops in Haiti. Brazil headed the UN peace keeping forces commanding 7000 UN soldiers then.

The Embassy of Haiti in Brazil is found in the city of Brasilia. The actual address is Shisl QI 17, Conj. 04, Casa 19 70465-900 LAGO SUL, C.P. 08618/71600. The embassy can be reached through phone on 061-248-6860 or 061-248-6437 or Fax: 061-248-7472

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