Jean Baden Dubois, new BRH governor

Jean Baden Dubois, new BRH governor

Here is a picture of Jean Baden Dubois who became the new BRH governor, replacing Charles Castel.

By a Presidential Order dated 23 November 2015, which has been released on December 17, 2015, John Baden Dubois became the new Governor of the Bank of the Republic of Haiti, replacing Charles Castel. Prior to this appointment, Jean Baden Dubois was acting as the CEO of the bank. In 1991, Charles Castel joined BRH as an advisor to then Governor of the bank. Thereafter, serving in various capacities, namely General Counsel, Director of Banking Supervision and General Director, he became the Governor of the bank in 2007 and served till December 2015. Castel was instrumental in spearheading the government's successful privatization program. As per the presidential decree, the reconstitution of the board was necessary "Considering the temporary dysfunction of the Legislative Power" and "to ensure the regular functioning of institutions and government agencies". The new council of BRH would be composed as follows: Jean Baden Dubois: Governor; Georges Henry Fils: Vice-Governor; Georgette Jean Louis: Director General; Kurdy Larèche: Member.

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