Platfom Pitit Desalin nominated Jean-Charles Moïse candidate for President

Platfom Pitit Desalin nominated Jean-Charles Moïse candidate for President

The three-time Mayor of Milot was officially nominated by Platfom Pitit Desalin to become their candidate for President during the next election in Haiti. As the registration of candidacy for president will begin on May 20, 2015, Many of the candidates are already known. However, some who have been observing the the election process estimate that the number of candidates for President in Haiti will go over 100.

The platform Pitit Desalin officially has nominated former Senator Jean-Charles Moïse as its electoral candidate for the President of the Republic of Haiti who will be sworn-in on Sunday, February 7, 2016. The time limit for submitting registration of presidential candidates was set between May 11 and 20, 2015. The campaigning for presidential candidates will begin on June 8, 2015 for the scheduled election on October 25, 2015. So far, dozens of personalities have publicly declared their intention to replace President Michel Martelly at the National Palace on 7 February 2016. Senator Jean-Charles Moise, three-time Mayor of Milot, appears to be one of the frontrunner, but a divided opposition may threaten an ultimate run. Senator Jean-Charles Moïse is considered as the man behind this new political platform 'Pitit Desalin'.

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