Lysius Salomon established Haiti National Bank

Lysius Salomon established Haiti National Bank

Here is a picture of Haiti National Bank that was established under the presidency of Lysius Salomon

One of Haiti's past presidents has the legacy of being one of the most productive of the line in the both past and present. He was President Lysius Salomon, who lived from 1815 to 1888, and ruled the country from 1879 until just months before his death. From a wealthy family in Les Cayes, Salomon was privy to a good education that left him with the right background to become Minister of Finance under Faustin Soulouque following a brief exile of his family to Neyba. His role in this capacity would result in his second exile, to Europe, because of the piracy and smuggling that came out of the administration's rule.

When he returned to the country in August of 1879, Salomon was made president, and he made quick work of establishing the National Bank. The following year he was able to resume the debt payment owed by Haiti to France. The early years of his rule saw great advancements in Haiti as he sought to raise the country's productivity and education level, strengthen its overall economy and even boost its army.

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