Natcom introduces Lajan cash

Natcom introduces Lajan cash

Natcom has decided to get into the game of Lajan Cash. The trade name of the Mobile Banking launched through the use of cell phone as electronic wallet.

On Monday, June 1, 2015, the Haitian Prime Minister Evans Paul took part at the launching ceremony of 'Lajan Cash" held in the Natcom auditorium. "Lajan Cash" is a form of electronic wallet, now available on the Natcom network. With the introduction of this new opportunity, the Natcom cell phone users can use their mobile phones to electronic payment solutions, and this became possible with the result a of partnership between Natcom and the Banque Nationale de Credit (BNC). The Natcom subscribers can spend and transfer money with speed and confidence. Evans Paul, as the Head of Government welcomed the new product and hoped this would be more accessible to all people in the country including those in rural areas in near future.

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