Cap-Haitian Flood November, 2014

Cap-Haitian Flood November, 2014

Here is a picture showing the extent of the flood in Cap-Haitian. The city is not operational and the extent of the flood, according to some, has never been recorded before. Many people have not been able to conduct their day to day activities.

Cap-Haitien Mayor asks for Flood Relief Aid from Private Sector

A series of storms blasted northern Haiti recently. In Port-au-Prince three children perished when the wall of a home collapsed on them. Reports varied as to the death toll in Cap-Haitien from 5 to 16 deaths, among them 3 children. Four people drowned while trying to forge a river and one other person seemingly was electrocuted.

Wilborde Beon the mayor of Cap-Haitien told the media the city was a disaster zone with ". . . many dead and major damage. All the populous areas are flooded."

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