Cap-Haitian under Water

Cap-Haitian under Water

Cap-Haitian is covered with water. Haiti Government Responds to Storm Devastation

A storm system pummeled Haiti where the North and West Departments in particular sustained major damage. At last count 8 people were reported dead, and 4,500 evacuated to shelters set up at local schools.

Communes of Cap-Haitien and Cabaret experienced flood conditions with some towns such as Blue Hills, Grand Riviere du Nord, Limonade, Limbé, and Bahon navigable only by boat. In Roi Henri, at Christophe University, the flood waters hampered students from getting to classes. Conditions in coastal areas have had the greatest impact economically with houses and gardens submerged beneath flood waters and livestock drowned.

In Cabaret the Government of Haiti under its National System of Risk Management and Disaster has distributed 4,000 hot meals, 1,000 food kits, and 200 cots. Equipment such as shovels and wheelbarrows, and water purification tablets are being handed out in the North Department.

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