Gaspard Dorelien

Lucie Tondreau, Une Personnalité dit tout, Radio Television Caraibes

Lucie Tondreau, Une Personnalité dit tout, Radio Television Caraibes

Here is a picture of former Mayor of North Miami, Lucie Tondreau in the program "Une Personnalité dit tout" at Radio Television Caraibes with Gaspard Dorelien

Mayor Lucie Tondreau Arrested By FBI For Mortgage Fraud

Lucie Tondreau is the first Haitian American woman elected as a mayor in the city of North Miami. Unfortunately, Tondreau, along with three other suspects are facing charges of criminal conspiracy case in a federal mortgage fraud indictment committed between late 2005 and May of 2008 on 20 properties. A native of Haiti, Tondreau was elected as mayor in last June, beating out former mayor Kevin Burns in a runoff. Kevin later filed a lawsuit accusing Tondreau a non-resident, not living in the city for at least a year before the election. However, the charge was later dismissed. The FBI went to arrest Lucie on May 19, 2014, however, she was out of the town on a planned trip- attending a convention in Las Vegas. Her three other co-conspirators were Karl Oreste, 56, (president of the KMC Mortgage Corporation of Florida, a mortgage lending business in North Miami Beach), Marie Okechukwu Josiah aka OJ" Odunna, 49, an attorney from Lauderdale Lakes and Kelly Augustin, 57, of North Miami, a former recruiter of Orestes' mortgage firm, KMC Corp.

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