Haiti Bans Citizens from Ebola UN Volunteer Mission in Africa

Haiti Bans Citizens from Ebola UN Volunteer Mission in Africa

In a recent statement dated October 2, 2014, by the Ministers of Health, Interior and Defense, the Haitian government has forbidden any agency or organization to recruit Haitian volunteers on any mission for Ebola Emergency Response (UNMEER). The announcement came in the wake of a news release on social networks that the United Nations was recruiting volunteers to respond to the Ebola outbreak. Haiti is a frequent victim of outbreaks and contagious diseases. A cholera epidemic hit the country four years ago and killed over 8,500 people and infected more than 700,000 people. 'Cholera' was non-existent in Haiti for last 100 years; it was brought to Haiti by some U.N peace keepers from Nepal, stationed near a major river. Even this year, there was over tens of thousands of suspected cases of an outbreak of the mosquito-borne virus known as 'Chikungunya'. 'Ebola' is a severe haemorrhagic fever with a fatality rate around 50%. The virus is transmitted to people from wild animals and spreads through human-to-human transmission. It is a grave issue of health risk and that definitely calls for a serious preventive measure.

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