Fritz Deshommes, new rector of UEH

Fritz Deshommes, new rector of UEH

Here is a picture of Mr. Fritz Deshommes, the new rector of UEH.

Fritz Deshommes (born November 18, 1954 in Port-au-Prince) one of the founding members of the Haitian Association of Economists and a professor of economics at the State University of Haiti, has been elected as the new Rector of the State University of Haiti. The election was held in a secret location on Tuesday, May 17, 2016, in the presence of 24 out of 36 members. Fritz Deshommes was elected in the second round of voting (13 votes were in his favor and 10 against). Hérold Toussaint was elected Vice-Rector with 17/3 votes. Deshommes is considered as one of the pioneers of contemporary economics journalism in Haiti. Some of his important publications are: Neo-liberalism Economic Crisis and Alternative Development (1995), Minimum Wage and Subcontracting in Haiti

(2010), Cost of Living and Economic Policy in Haiti (2008), Neo-liberalism, Economic Crisis and Alternative Development (2014), Haiti - The Nation Torn - Between "American Plan" and National Project

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