Fair Trade Café

Fair Trade Café

Even the most optimists were not so confident on the success of Fair Trade Café when it was first opened seven months ago. The sale is continuously beating every past record. Haitian coffee is always a wonderful product, over a long period, it simply needed a proper outlets. Increase in sale at Fair Trade Café means more wages to the poor hardworking men and women in Haiti farms. Fair Trade Café in unison with 'Singing Rooster' is offering on-ground assistance and partnership with the coffee harvesters and making direct sale to the buyers.

Fair Trade Café is a division of 'Lifecoast Church' which has presence in Haiti through 'Trades of Hope'. Greg Schnepf, the café manager has said the café should not be viewed as a Christian coffee shop; we are here for the welfare of Haitian community. We welcome everybody and hope they see the love of Christ through our actions.

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