The Bakery Cafe Restaurant

The Bakery Cafe Restaurant

You will never understand the beauty of Haitian cuisine unless you unveil the mystery of Creole menu in The Bakery Cafe Restaurant located in Little Haiti in Miami. Suppose you have heard a lot and like to taste grilled fish in a Haitian restaurant. However, you will be in the darkness as it is listed there in disguise as "Poisson". Similarly, you love chicken a lot but dare to taste "poul"; so you have to miss the taste of an exquisite delicacy of boiled chicken marinated in sour orange, lemon juice, garlic, scotch bonnet pepper and other seasonings. It is fried crispy before serving. Such list for missing items may be endless: Legim is a wonderful thick vegetable stew at The Bakery Cafe Restaurant in Little Haiti. Gumbo is similar to sausage with enough crab and miniscule shrimp, taso kabrit is goat meat, griot is fried pork chunks and there are many more. Eating at a family-run Haitian restaurant such as The Bakery Cafe Restaurant in Little Haiti may be your life time experience.

The Bakery Cafe Restaurant in Little Haiti
8250 NE 2nd Ave, Miami 33138
(At NE 82nd Terrace)

(305) 751-2331

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