Student told to remove Haitian flag bandana at school

Student told to remove Haitian flag bandana at school

Here is a case where authorities at Orange County Middle School told a Haitian student to remove Haitian flag bandana at school.

Mitchpaelle Quetant, a student at the Meadowbrook Middle School in Orange County was upset when she was told by the school administrators to take off a bandana of the Haitian flag while she was going to celebrate the Haitian Flag day on May 18th. She was sent to school suspension when she refused to take off the flag. As per the school authority's dictum, the national flag was not the cause of the problem, but wearing bandana on campus was against the conduct of the school. The school principal has shown the Eyewitness News representatives that there were many students wearing shirts showing the Haitian flag and they were never asked to change. However, frustrated Quetant has said, the authority don't let us come to school and display our pride for our country.

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