Euvonie Georges Auguste, Leader of the Voodoo sector

Euvonie Georges Auguste, Leader of the Voodoo sector

Here is a picture of Euvonie Georges Auguste, the new Leader of the Voodoo sector in Haiti following the death of Max Beauvoir

Euvonie Georges Auguste, the interim Secretary General of the National Confederation of Haitian Vaudouisante has said the Haitian voodoo sector will not send any representative to the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) to replace Nehemie Joseph because the CEP does not have the required credibility to hold a fair election. After the death of Max Beauvoir, the Supreme Chief of Haitian voodoo on September 12, 2015, 18 voodoo organizations in the country selected Augustin Saint Clou as the acting Supreme Chief. But, that decision was challenged by Mambo Euvonie Georges of the Haitian National Vodouisante Confederation (KNVA) and KNVA announced the appointment of Euvonie as the acting Supreme Chief of Haitian voodoo, replacing Augustin Saint Clou. However, another Voodoo organization (National Commission for the Restructuring of Voodoo or CONAVO) has sent their choice for a replacement for Nehemie Joseph to Martelly.

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