Santre de Sante Kay Kok in Ile-A-Vache

Santre de Sante Kay Kok in Ile-A-Vache

Here is a picture of Santre de Sante Kay Kok in Ile-A-Vache. This is to show you that island that was abandoned at one point is now the object of many interests as it was ranked among the top beached in the world. Now, with Santre de Sante Kay Kok that was recently built among other projects in Ile-A-Vache, the residents ave the opportunity to remain in the island for basic health care.

After the 2010 earthquake, the Haitian government had a plan to turn this beautiful island into a tourist destination. There were many infrastructure works and social projects that were underway; from roads, airport, to port and marina. There was a project for 1,000 hotel rooms, and an 18-hole golf course as well.

However in 2014 a presidential decree declared the island property of the government for tourism development purpose did not seat well many of the residents. People who have lived there for several generations went to the street to protest against the plan. They were afraid that the government would take their land

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