Hôpital Alma Mater, Gros Morne

Hôpital Alma Mater, Gros Morne

Here is a picture of Hôpital Alma Mater located in the town of Gros Morne in Haiti

In Gros Morne, the Hôpital Alma Mater operates as a 50-bed hospital that gives care to about 135,000 people. A large part of its operation is the help given by volunteer workers who travel to Gros Morne. Without this voluntary aid, the hospital would find itself in dire straights as it, like so many other health care facilities in Haiti, functions with meager finances and inferior equipment. Following the 2010 earthquake, it has been struggling to adequately treat patients. There has been work to build up the capacity of the hospital since 2013 by Hospital Alma Mater and GHI.

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