India Human trafficking to the US via Haiti

India Human trafficking to the US via Haiti

From the turn of the century until around 2014, Human trafficking organizers from India found an opportunity in Haiti. A major Human trafficking ring was evolving between Delhi, India and Haiti where people would arrange fake documents, with the help of the passengers to reach Haiti. After living there for about a month, they would leave Haiti to either Cuba or the Bahamas until they reach Miami and Florida.

United States Embassy worked closely with the Indian government to fight human trafficking and stop that particular route in human trafficking and illegal immigration. Until 2014, the route between Delhi, India and Haiti was the most-preferred route for human traffickers as it was less time-consuming. US officials

Foreign affairs experts are now suspecting new routes for Indians to reach the US. There is a San Salvador-Havana-Mexico route. An official of an airline who did not want to be identified said that a more direct route was via London, Amsterdam to Miami.


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