President Michel Martelly with Family victimes - Kanaval accident

President Michel Martelly with Family victimes - Kanaval accident

Here is a picture of President Michel Martelly as he is comforting the families and relatives of the victimes of Kanaval accident

Champ de Mars Park was the site of a national funeral for the 17 people, who died during a stampede on day two of 2015 Carnival. The Haitian government supplied white caskets, adorned with the Haitian flag for the deceased. The caskets were lined up beneath a stage upon which President Martelly, First Lady Sophia, and Prime Minister Paul met with the victims' family members, relatives, and friends. Some of the bereaved fainted and had to be carried off the stage.

The stampede began after singer Daniel Darinus, atop a parade float, hit a low-lying high-tension power line while being distracted by the crowds. The power line exploded with a brilliant white flash, burning Darinus severely and triggering a wild stampede away from the area. Darinus, hospitalized for his injuries, stated ". . . an unexpected move forward caused the accident"

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