From Seduction to Kidnapping, New strategy by Haitian criminals

From Seduction to Kidnapping, New strategy by Haitian criminals

Haitian criminal can not be accused for lack of creativity. Here is an example where crime moves from seduction to Kidnapping,

Haitian kidnappers have innovated a new trick to deceive citizens for ransom. Some of their accomplices are girls, who seduce boys in the discotheques and propose them to go out with them. When the boys agree, the girls lead them to their accomplice kidnappers. Recently, on February 20, 2016, the Deputy Spokesman of National Police of Haiti Inspector Gary Desrosiers has alerted citizens to remain cautious of this new strategy used by the bandits of kidnapping rings. We might remember that Haiti successfully curbed its kidnapping rate in the early 2014 since the United Nations provided anti-kidnapping support led by Robert Arce, a veteran American cop and law enforcement consultant. Within a tight limited budget and a span of two years, Arce introduced cell phone log exploitation, community policing, and some cultural diplomacy to track criminals. Now, the criminals are innovating new ways to resurface again.

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