Kidnapper of student Lencie Mirville attending her funeral

Kidnapper of student Lencie Mirville attending her funeral

Look at this picture, one of the kidnappers and killers of student Lencie Mirville attending her funeral

On December 19, 2015, the Central Directorate of Judicial Police (DCPJ) have arrested 4 individuals in connection with the kidnapping and murder of Lencie Mirville (23 years), a student of the University Quisqueya. Lencie was kidnapped on December 3rd in Bizoton 51. Her father is the owner of Bureau de change located in Carrefour. The kidnappers claimed $150,000 from him as ransom. However, her family managed to collect and pay only $50,000. The body of Lencie was found on December 8th, disfigured and wrapped in a sheet at the bottom of a cliff in Morne Karaté. The four persons arrested in this connection by the police are: Desir Jebson aka "Sonson" or "Lapoula", (28 years), Jean Francky (42), Barthelemy Edison (32 years), and William B. Géraldy. The police have also confiscated the car in which Lencie Mirville was kidnapped. The four individuals have confessed their crime. One of the kidnappers, "Sonson" was an employee of the victim's father. On the basis of his alleged loyalty to the young girl's family, Lencie's father had given him the ransom money to deliver the kidnappers. The girl's father, a pastor, never realized that "Sonson" was one of the kidnappers. "Sonson", the killer of Lencie, was even present during the young girl's funeral and carried her coffin.

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