Haitian Military Leopard Corp In Jean Claude Duvalier reign

Haitian Military Leopard Corp In Jean Claude Duvalier reign

Here is a picture to remind you of Haitian Military Leopard Corp during Jean Claude Duvalier reign.

Haitian Military Leopard Corp in Jean Claude Duvalier Reign

In 1973, the former Haitian Dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier ("Baby Doc") created 'Leopards' (Corps des Léopards) a personal security force and counterinsurgency unit. The Leopards counterinsurgency unit was created with the U.S support; its participating members required a higher education level to join. With its creation, it took over most of the functions of Haiti's police force. The Leopard Corps consisting 700-members, a tactical unit was based on the outskirts of the capital in Pétion-ville; it was equipped with relatively modern tool for responding to internal threats. Its counterinsurgency functions were often suppressed. Baby Doc created 'Corps des Léopards' in an attempt to balance two powers between the Haitian Armed Forces and the Tonton Macoutes (became the Volontaires de la Securite Nationale or VSN after 1962). However, 'Corps des Léopards' was disbanded within a month of an attempted coup in 1989.

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