Michel Martelly, Discours d'adieu à la Nation

Michel Martelly, Discours d'adieu à la Nation

On February 7, 2016, President Michel Joseph Martelly made a twenty minute farewell speech to the nation. Addressing the Haitian people he has said, since the moment he took his office on May 14, 2011, he had worked 'night and day' to improve the country for the Haitian people. His biggest regret was the postponement of presidential election. He has justified his every act with the statement that he is ready to answer before the court of history. February 7th, 2016, was the end of his constitutional term of 5 years as the President of the Republic. He thanked Haitian people for entrusting him the great responsibility to hold the state's highest office. In his farewell speech, he insisted that he was leaving office to contribute to constitutional normalcy. On early Saturday, he shifted power to Prime Minister Evans Paul in an effort to stop unruly street protests and avoid a dangerous power vacuum.

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