Establishment Lycee Toussaint Louverture

Establishment Lycee Toussaint Louverture

Here is Establishment Lycee Toussaint Louverture.

Lycées Toussaint Louverture' was founded in 1946 under the government of Dumarsais Estime. It has been rebuilt with a fundings of $7 million from the PetroCaribe fund, tailored to withstand earthquake tremors and para-cyclonic protective norms as per international standard. The new building would accommodate 3,000 students in about 40 classrooms, with a maximum of 60 students per class. IBT group has built the structure on an area of 8400 square meters with reinforced concrete structure respecting the original architecture. It is a modern building which caters every contemporary need like a library, science laboratories, computer training center, a cafeteria, an auditorium and a mini football field of 836 square meters.

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