Cotes-des-Arcadins, Map

Cotes-des-Arcadins, Map

While in Haiti, one of the cities to visit is Montrouis. This beach town is located near Saint Marc and two hours' drive from the Capital of Port Au Prince. It is a coastal town in the West of Haiti. It is one of the best beach towns in the nation, and is serviced with several well renowned resorts and hotels; including le Moulin-sur-Mer. Montrouis is situated on the Cotes-des-Arcadins, the longest stretch of pure white sand beach in Haiti. This is also an amazing place for fishing and sailing. The Cotes-des-Arcadins includes three exotic beaches that present the most pleasing climate and tropical scenery in the Caribbean region. They also boast of extensive beautiful coral reef system that has always attracted scuba divers across the world. Unfortunately, they are almost being depleted because of over fishing.

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