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Cemetary of Port-au-Prince Carnival stand, not innocent, say Daly Valet

Cemetary of Port-au-Prince Carnival stand, not innocent, say Daly Valet

The radio host at trans Inter is having problem with the presence of a Cemetery stand in the middle of a carnival celebration in Haiti. According to Mr. Daly Valet, the presence of the Cemetery of Port-au-Prince Kanaval stand is not an innocent act by the Martelly Government.

Daly Valet who admitted that he's not a superstitious person by any mean, asked many questions that would be very important for the public to know an answer for. However, the remain unanswered:

What is a cemetery stand doing in a carnival?

Why all those mystical symbols in the stand?

What kind of publicity a public cemetery feels that it needs to do and why in a Carnival?

Where does the cemetery of Port-au-Prince find money in he amount of $8 thousand US dollars to finance a Carnival stand?

According to Daly Valet, the only thing he could come up with is that there was Black Magic going on in the intersection where the Cemetary of Port-au-Prince carnival stand was placed.


Ki sa yon Cimetye de Potoprens stand vini fe nan yon kafou 4 tet nan yon Kanaval?

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Michel Martelly in a Voodoo Ceremony

Michel Martelly in a Voodoo Ceremony

Here is a picture of President Michel Martelly during a Voodoo Ceremony in Haiti.

The Haitian Voodoo originated from West Africa and arrived in in the island during the slave trading days, when the slaves were brought over. Voodoo was able to survive as a religion as well as a culture because it was mixed and integrated with Roman Catholicism from the French plantation owners.

Because of Hollywood and bigotry, many have identified Voodoo which is beautiful religion and culture with Black magic

Prayers as well as dancing and music are also major elements of the Voodoo ceremony. Animal sacrifice is acommon practice during a Voodoo ceremony. Animals are considered sacred in Voodoo and are used as offerings to the gods and ancestors.

Photo by Emmanuel Eddy / facebook

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