Carel Pedre on radio show Chokarella

Carel Pedre on radio show Chokarella

Here is a picture of the popular Radio host Carel Pedre on radio show Chokarella

The forced deportations of unregistered Haitians from the Dominican Republic have caused considerable confusion and inconvenience. Carel Pedre, an influential social media figure and the host of Haiti's #1 Morning show Chokarella took to supporting the deported immigrants. He interviewed some of the deported Haitians and brought to light the problems faced by them. The interviewees have reported humiliation, lack of basic amenities and uncertainty in their jobs during their stay at Dominican Republic in the disturbed phase. The interviews aired on the radio have become very popular among his followers on social media and there seems to prevail a sense of condolence for the Haitians forcefully sent back to Haiti from Dominican.

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